Allegro 91.3FM - WIPR-FM 91.3 FM San Juan

Allegro 91.3FM - WIPR-FM - 91.3 FM

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Teléfono: 787-766-0505 X-3717, 3718, 3746

Dirección: P.O. Box 190909


Allegro 91.3 FM - WIPR is a broadcast radio station from San Juan, Puerto Rico, providing Classical music, Concerts, operas, operettas, festivals, flamenco, folk music, jazz and film music. ------ Shows: Midnight Special, Harmonia, San Francisco Symphony, With Heart and Voice, Classical Guitar Alive, Collectors' Corner, Women in Music, Chicago Symphony, Live at the Concertgebouw, Romantic Hours, Jazz Inspired, Brazilian Hour, Compact Discoveries, Detroit Symphony, Vienna Philharmonic, Chicago Jazz Festival

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